Monday, October 26, 2009

UW-Stout update

I finally got an acceptance letter from UW-Stout. I still have not resolved the confusion caused by the AccesSTOUT site. It is a good thing I am going into apparel design and not website design. All that matters is that I know I am in.

The acceptance came with an offer to live in university housing and a questioner from the campus health center about my immunization history. I know I have had all my shots, but I could not find the dates for all of them. I guessed. I hope that is good enough.

My plan had been to live off campus. I never considered living in a dorm, but after receiving the offer I began to think about it. Living on campus would be very convenient, and the cost of a dorm room is comparable to the cost of a one bedroom apartment. On the other hand the double rooms are 165 square feet and the singles are smaller. I would probably be the oldest person in the dorm, and I could expect every conversation to eventually roll around to, “Hey, could you buy some beer for us?”. I read through the "Life @ Stout" brochure, gave the matter a lot of thought, and reached a decision in less than one minute. Living off campus will impose a few hardships, but I think it is the right choice. I have too much stuff and I am too old to live in a dorm.

On Wednesday I will be in Menomonie to look at a few apartments and to meet with a financial aid counselor. Orientation is on November, 20; I will meet with my advisor and register for classes then. Now I need to step up preparations for the move. I still have not canceled my dentist appointment in April. I did at least get my acceptance celebrations out of the way. I had a pint of Guinness – it seemed appropriate.

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