Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My clothing is changing me

In my lengthy college career I have tried a number of majors - religious studies, physics, and emergency medical services to name a few - but none of them excited me the way apparel design does. I am only in my first semester of class, but I find this field is already changing me. Six months ago clothing was just something to keep me from getting arrested for indecent exposure; now it is something I think about a lot. I still dress like a ragamuffin, but at least now I realize that. At work, as at sit at the front desk in the building's lobby, I often pay attention to what people are wearing. So far I have only learned how to make t-shirts and tailored shirts, but I like looking at other pieces of clothing and thinking about how they are made.

As I was on my way home from work yesterday I noticed Macy's had new window displays. Before this semester it is unlikely I would have noticed this, but even if I had noticed I would not have cared. Last night I spent more than 20 minutes looking through Macy's windows. After leaving Macy's I went north a few blocks to look at Saks and Neiman Marcus. Saks had no clothing in its window displays; there were just posters promising large savings. It is an Off 5th Saks Outlet so I understand the promise of savings, but I still expected to see some clothing on display. I have never paid much attention to Saks before so I do not know if this lack of displays is normal. There were dresses on display at Neiman Marcus - not as many as at Macy's, but I thought the Neiman Marcus dresses were much nicer than the Macy's ones. It is nice to know that I have good taste.

This change in my attitude towards clothing struck me quite hard a few days ago at work. As one of my coworkers and I were sitting at the front desk a beautiful woman walked through the lobby. After she exited the building my coworker and I looked at each other and smiled. I suddenly realized I had been thinking about her dress while he was thinking about something else entirely. If he thought about her dress at all it was to think how nice it would look crumpled up on his bedroom floor the next morning. In retrospect I realized that my bedroom floor is where I would most like to see that dress with my attention devoted to its owner, but I would like to devote a few minutes after breakfast to the dress too. It is a little scary how much my attitudes have changed in just one semester. What will I be like in three or four years?

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