Monday, November 29, 2010

Many fuzzy balls

As summer came to an end I found myself on a juggling ball sewing spree, but once classes began I no longer had time for frivolous projects. A photo of my juggling balls worked its way into an early assignment for Cut and Sew Knits as an example of what can be done with stretch fabrics. Save for that one cameo, my balls spent the semester in my living room neglected and unused.

I intended to share photos of my balls with you, my loyal readers, but with the excitement of all my classes my balls were forgotten. I will now remedy this shortcoming.
The blue and white balls are knit terry, the pink and brown ones are fake fur, and the rest are fleece. The red balls are stuffed with pinto beans, and the others have lentils. I think lentils are better.

Having balls is nice, but I cannot just leave them out. I went online to search for balls, and I now know their appropriate receptacle. I made a sack.

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