Sunday, January 31, 2010

A swatch, a bag, and a seam

I spent the first weekend of the semester sewing, studying, and doing homework. I hope I can keep up these good work habits for the next four years.

I mounted the 125 swatches in the kit for my textiles lab. Hopefully they are still in the correct order. If by the end of the semester I can identify all 125 swatches I will consider my tuition money to have been very well spent.
As I was mounting my swatches I was thrilled every time I found one I recognized: muslin, corduroy, denim, and duck. Of those muslin is the one I know the most about, and even for muslin I cannot yet fill out all the lines in the book. As I learn more about textiles I will start making smarter choices at the fabric store.

Last semester I learned how important experience is while trying to sew. Tomorrow my apparel construction class will make tote bags, so yesterday I made one at home.I already had a copy of the pattern we will use, so the bag I made at home is quite similar to the one I will make in class. I had to guess about the exact way to attach the pocket and handles. My methods may not be the ones I will use in class, but any sewing practice is good. I will use a serger for the seam finishes in class. I do not yet have my own serger, so I had to find another way to finish the seams. I used denim, so I decided flat-felled seams would be most appropriate.
I am quite fond of flat-felled seams, but they were by far the most difficult part of the project. I do not know if I will be using them for any of my class projects this semester, but I plan to work on them a lot at home. One year ago I would have laughed at the notion of having a favorite seam. Now I look forward to learning additional types of seams, and I wonder if I will find any of them as pleasing as flat-felled seams.

The swatches are swimwear tricot, brushed tricot, raschel crochet, raschel knit lace, Coolmax® mesh, and pleather. I could tell you what my book has to say about them, but I would not understand it. Ask me again in a few months.

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