Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I did on break

I apologize for letting so much time pass since my last blog entry. Classes at MCTC ended on December 15, and classes at Stout begin on January 25. I planned to do a lot of sewing while on break, but I have not had the time. The move from Minnesota to Wisconsin has been very time consuming. My sewing machine, fabrics, and tools were among the first things I boxed up. The sewing machine and tools have been put away in my new apartment, but all my fabric is still in boxes.

I love my new apartment. It is larger and nicer than the apartment I had in Minneapolis, it is in a better neighborhood, and the rent is nearly 30% less. I have a dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer in my new apartment. I do not own enough dishes to justify the use of the dishwasher, but I am excited about having a washing machine and dryer. I hate going to Laundromats.

I did a little prep work for school over break. I took the English Composition CLEP test, and my score was high enough to place me out of two semesters of required English classes. Yay, two classes closer to graduation. With the English class out of my schedule I had room for something else. I enrolled in PKG 100, Packaging and Society. I have no idea what this class is about, but it is required for my major. I will write more about it after the semester begins.

I am feeling quite nervous about the coming semester. It is not my classes that scare me, rather it is my classmates. I am nearly twice the age of most of the other apparel design students. Will I find new friends, or will everyone see me as the weird alter cocker? Oh, well. No point worrying now. I will find out soon enough.

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